What it includes

All models of wordweb are designed to satisfy the communication needs of companies and organizations through the Internet.

It includes

  • Support to the specification of the website
  • Content adaptation for the web (maximum 6 pages in MS Word -1500 characters/page.) 
  • Link toyour Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, etc.
  • Compatible version for computer, smartphone (iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, etc. ) or tablet (iPad, Galaxy Tab, etc. )
  • Correct display in the most commonly used browsers: Ms IExplorer V 8, 9 and 10 and above; Mozilla Firefox; Google Chrome; Safari, and Opera, as well as the most standardized tablet and smartphone browsers
  • Visitor Statistics (you can view your site's traffic, how many people visit it, from which websites or search engines, etc)
  • Basic Positioning (includes all the necessary features to be properly indexed by search engines such as Google or Bing)
  • Domain or transfer of current site's domain (optional transfer of email accounts)
  • Hosting (free the first year)
  • Short maintenance manual and e-mail support for 30 days
  • Guide to writing for the web
  • Content maintenance by the client from any computer connected to the Internet, in an easy, simple and secure way
  • Presence in the social networks chosen by the client
  • Video embedding, from Youtube, Vimeo, etc.
  • Downloading of PDFs or other file types 

If you need a custom-made project, please don't hesitate to ask us for a quote.

It does not include

  • Data volume greater than 3GB unless purchased separately
  • Import, export or link systems with other environments not explicitly described in the quotation
  • Migration of content to the new site from websites or databases that are not explicitly listed in the quotation
  • Modifications, corrections or additions that exceed 10% of the amount of work in the contract
  • Corrective maintenance of the project at the end of the warranty period
  • Installations or configurations of equipment, software or machinery not explicitly considered in the budget / contract
  • Preparation and drafting of "Legal statements", understanding as such the notice which must be included in all data collection forms, the information that needs to be communicated to third parties when personal data is collected and archived by a company, and legal data pertaining to the website (wordweb will provide standard models that the client must review with their legal counsel)
  • Registration of the existing files in the Data Protection Agency (legislation on the Protection of Personal Data LOPD 15/1999
  • Rights to images and audio clips, as well as any other content that requires copyright payment (wordweb cannot be held responsible for any claims by the owners of the contents' rights)

If you need support of any kind, please hire our maintenance service plans.