Technology and hosting

Wordweb provides a proven technological solution and a hosting service with the highest quality guarantee.

Content management system

In order to keep the contents of a website up to date, a tool is necessary to access the contents without modifying the layout. This tool is called content management system (CMS).

Wordweb includes a CMS designed to solve communication problems, which make the client's maintenance job easy through a simple and agile interface.

The goal of wordweb's CMS is to allow the client to forget about technology and focus on communication.

It is a centralized platform, which means that all updates and improvements are applied automatically to all clients at no extra cost.

Once the site is built, the only costs go towards the CMS license that will allow for the site's maintenance.

The CMS is hosted in the same server as your website and its license fee is included in the hosting costs.

Wordweb, a specialized and secure hosting service

The hosting service comprises the server where the website is stored, and the content management system, accessible from any device with an Internet connection.

With open source platforms such as Drupal, Joomla, or Wordpress, the Internet has made an important step towards "collaborative web management". However, with the expansion of these tools, the number of websites affected by security issues has also increased, mostly due to the difficulty of maintaining them up to date.

In wordweb, as developers and managers of business-oriented web projects, we are aware of the importance of security and control of all our publishing tools. For this reason, we allocate the necessary resources to guarantee a solid hosting service and secure data with periodical backup copies.


The hosting server will be provided by wordweb, with the following features:

  • Implementation of a necessary and sufficient data storage volume with a 3GB limit.
  • Surveillance to ensure the smooth operation of the central servers
  • Data safeguarding from the website
  • Daily backup copy of data to guarantee its security
  • Email management, if so agreed with wordweb

The costs for the first year of the CMS license and hosting are included in the price of the construction of the website.

Yearly, one month before the term is up, wordweb will ratify its continuity with the client and will emit the following year's bill for the CMS license and web hosting.