The following websites have been made with wordweb to meet the communication and business needs of each company.

Looking at them in detail might help you identify your needs and get a first idea of the result that you will achieve with the support of our team. 

Helio Piñon, architect

The architect Helio Piñon, a major Spanish architecture of the twentieth century, wanted to have a website in order to show their work project.

We choose a grid with the capacity to grow indefinitely so you can grow as you create new projects. When you enter the page of a specific project, we adopt a blog-type structure in order to read a brief description and see a set of renderings of the project chosen.

Accompanies these projects a selection of photographs, his writings and lectures, a statement of principles about teaching and a brief biography. All these other sections follow the structure determined for the projects in order to give consistency.

Port Vell de Barcelona

Port Vell de Barcelona has solved the challenge of presenting the spaces it has for rent and the spaces it makes available to the public, thanks to an extra layer of very thorough information that wordwed has included to Google Maps.

In addition, wordweb has contributed what it includes by default: adaptation of the design to the various screen types (computer, tablet or smartphone), easy maintenance and synchronization with social networks.


Factum Verus

The relationship between a product gallery and the data sheet for each product is the challenge that wordweb has solved for Factum Verus.

The solution proposed by the team of wordweb allows them to display their point-of-sale advertising solutions, which can be personalized whenever necessary.

SPEA project

A European project like SPEA requires a web site in order to explain the project and its development.

The cities of Birmimgham, Eindhoven and Barcelona chose wordweb for an easy, smooth and multlingual communication.

Media Antena Catalunya

Media Antena is the European film agency. It has chosen wordweb to establish the communication with the Spanish film sector and particularly of Catalonia.

Transportes Marcial

Despite the high competition on road transport, Transportes Marcial has made a name for itself thanks to the new image and new website developed by wordwed.


EIVIVAL has used wordweb to provide a first on-line platform for real estate valuation.