In order to optimize efforts and obtain a customized website that satisfies your company's needs, the wordweb team proposes a very simple work process.

Preliminary steps

We need to know what you want and what you expect, in order to draft a quote and a project schedule.

  • We meet with you to understand what your needs are. We do so based on a questionnaire that will help us not leave anything out
  • We analyze your case, we make a proposal for the structure of your web and we show you a sample of web designs for you to choose which model you feel more comfortable with
  • You give us a list, that will allow us to determine the volume of content that needs to be adapted
  • With this information, we give you a project schedule and a quote
  • Once you've accepted both, we start working



In order to start the project we need you to provide us with:

  • The texts you want to include on the website
  • Corporate image considerations (logo, etc.)
  • The images you want to include (if you don't have any, we will search them for you and give you a quote)

As soon as we get this material:

  • We prepare several layouts so that you can tell us which one you feel more comfortable with.
  • We send you a two page graphic proposal based on the selected layout.
  • You have to review it and, if necessary, ask for the appropriate modifications.
  • We make the modifications and deliver the final version to you (we believe that, if you have correctly expressed what you wanted, two reviews are sufficient.  If you want to make further revisions, they will be invoiced separately.)
  • We adapt the content for web delivery.  We send you a proposal to review the tone and style. You review it, suggest changes or corrections, and we make the changes and introduce the contents to the website (if you know what information you want, one or two revisions should be sufficient. If you need more revisions, they will be invoiced separately.)
  • When the website is ready, we will meet to give you a presentation and a training session on the use of the content management system. We will also give you the maintenance manual and the guide to web writing.

Now the web is yours and you yourself can keep it up to date, but if you would like us to help you do so, you just have to contract a package of hours and you will have our full support.